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The Timed Auctions are held on our webite, windibank.co.uk and on Easy Live Auction website, easyliveauctions.com (Please note each website has separate Terms and Conditions.) 

Please use the link to register


Viewing of items in the Timed Auction is online only. Buyers must rely on the Lot description, condition report and photographs. PFW will endeavour to give a full and accurate description of the Lot to the best of their ability and will be happy to provide additional condition reports up to the day of the auction (no further condition reports will be provided once the Timed Auction has commenced).

The Timed Auctions will run for 5 days with a specified start and end time. The successful bidder will be the highest bid left at the close of the Auction.

Each Lot will have an allocated bidding time until the next Lot commences.

Buyers can bid either through PFW's website or Easyliveauction's website once they have registered